My Avon Journey

My journey with Avon begin when I was approached by a lady in a nail salon who asked me if “I would be interested in buying or selling Avon”.  I told her that “maybe I would take a book and look but I wasn’t interested in selling”. My grandmother had sold when I was a little girl and I remembered those little lipstick samples and I loved going with grandma to deliver. I thought that Avon was sold only by “Little old Ladies”, like my Grandma.

The lady from the nail salon had stuck a recruiting flyer in the book and after looking at it and reading that I decided “what the heck” it wouldn’t be the first $10.00 I’ve wasted and I could get a discount on what I brought. I contacted her and made an appointment to meet with her and her upline, Barbara Ivey.  I was her first recruit and she didn’t know how to do the paperwork.

Well, this is really where my Avon journey begin.

Barbara, invited me into her home in Kernersville, NC  and I thought “Wow”.  She lived in a big beautiful home with a beautiful yard and it looked like her husband must have a really well paying job. As I entered this beautiful home and went into her office where she was to interview me I noticed it was “a mess”. Avon everywhere, these little statues that looked like lady “Oscars”, decorative “Cups and Saucers”,  and she couldn’t stay off the phone. As I sit there waiting,  I realized that she was conducting “Avon business”.  I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but there I was sitting in front of her waiting for her to get back to me.  Finally, she told me about the Avon business and how I could make a lot of money if I worked it faithfully, she told me about all the trips she had been on,  with Avon picking up the tab, and she also told me about the leadership opportunity.

So, here I am, 15 years later, I am still selling Avon, I’m in leadership and I genuinely love everything about Avon.  Unfortunately, (or fortunately) I never heard from the lady in the nail salon again and Barbara become my Avon upline and one of my best friends. I found out that Barbara’s husband was a truck driver and although he was very successful at that, it was Barbara’s work passion for her Avon business that made her alot of money. Also the “messy” office is just the way” it is if you run a successful Avon business and the little lady “Oscars” and the decorative “Cups and Saucers” were Avon rewards.

Unfortunately, Barbara passed away in February 2014. She was very dedicated to her Avon business and she is truly missed.  Fortunately her beautiful daughter Kim is now my upline and my “very important” support in my Avon business.

So, this is my story about my “Avon Journey” and my first blog.


One thought on “My Avon Journey

  1. Very well written and a beautiful tribute to Barbara. You make selling Avon sound like fun instead of work. Almost makes me want to do it to.


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